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About Us


Firmly established in the South West of Montreal since 1981, the firm SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD has always been committed to promoting its clients' interests by offering diversified and personalized services and by favouring greater access to the legal system.

The SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD team is composed of nine lawyers offering legal services in civil law as well as in many other specialized fields of law. As such, SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD can offer its clients a vast range of legal services in the following areas of practice:

  • Administrative Law
  • Civil Liability
  • Class Actions
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Construction Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Cooperative Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Labour Law
  • Matrimonial Law and Mediation
  • Mining Law
  • Securities
  • Transportation Law

The firm's clientele is composed of individuals and businesses from all parts of the Province of Quebec. In many areas, such as class actions, SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD has established alliances with other Canadian and American firms known for the quality of their services, such as the law firm Rochon Genova based in Toronto.

SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD has always endeavoured to meet its clients' always growing requirements by offering high quality legal services tailored for their needs. In order to facilitate access to the legal system, the firm has established a clear and reasonable fee policy and favoured a simple and efficient approach in the handling of cases.

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SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD is one of the most important plaintiffs firm in Canada in the area of class actions. The firm has built a strong reputation in this area, having represented various groups of citizens in more than 100 class actions.

The firm is also one of the few to be specialized in the law relating to cooperatives. It represents several types of cooperatives such as housing cooperatives, workers cooperatives, consumer cooperatives and others.

For more than 25 years, the firm SYLVESTRE FAFARD PAINCHAUD has been attentive to its clientele in order to gain a better understanding of its needs and to continue to offer high quality services. The firm has innovated and adapted to the new reality of the law with one goal in mind: offering legal services that meets the client's requirements.

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